Tom in the garden

We are lucky enough to be the owners of a small herd of Alpacas who have a paddock and stable at Casa San Gabriel.  All our guests love them as they are very kind, friendly animals who especially like little people.

We will be delighted to introduce our Alpacas to our guests and you are welcome to help us to feed and look after them during your stay. If however you are not keen don’t worry as they are located in a separate area of Casa San Gabriel and so they will not impose on your stay.

Alpacas make wonderful pets and we have four boys called Paolo, Sylvester, Tom and Harry. Have a look to see more photos of our very friendly and lovable boys.

In addition to the boys, we also have a female breeding Alpaca called Fiorella who is Tom’s and Harry’s mother.

Alpacas are bred for their fine fleece, please have a look at our Alpaca products section for information on products.

We look forward to welcoming you to Casa San Gabriel and introducing  you to our Alpacas. Please do contact us if you have any questions about them or you just want to visit them if you are in the area.