Facts about Alpacas


What is an Alpaca?

Alpacas are both intelligent and social animals, they are wonderful to keep, having a very kind temperament, easy to look after and look so gorgeous too!

Alpacas are native to South America, living in the high Altiplano. There were bred over 6000 years ago from wild vicuna and have been providing the Andean people with a vital source of fuel, food, clothing and transportation for thousands of years.

There are 2 breeds, Huacaya and Suri, of which the majority throughout the world are Huacaya. Huacaya have a fleece with a crimp, whereas Suri have a longer fleece and no crimp.

There are many variations and markings of fleece, and colours range from white, brown to black, with approx 22 different colours.

Alpacas can live up to 15/20 years and an adult can weigh in the region of 60-75 kgs.

A baby Alpaca is called a Cria and the gestation period is approx 11.5 months.

Tom day 2 c

Baby Tom 2 days old